Professional Home Inspector Training Program (394 Hours) - $2497 (February Weekends Available)

TEXAS Professional Home Inspection Education (394 hours)

Welcome to RETS – Real Estate Training Systems, a Texas Based home inspection training school. RETS offers core home inspection courses taught by professional home inspectors with many years of home inspection experience.

Anyone thinking of entering the field of Home Inspection is about to embark upon one of the most exciting and rewarding careers available. Choosing the RETS Program will be the smartest decision you will make.

The RETS 394 hour program uses a combination of Online, Home Study, Classroom and Field training which includes inspections of houses in the DFW area. 

Our Home Inspection Training Program is easy to learn and has been designed around providing the most up to date information for the prospective home inspector.  As part of the 394 hour course, the correspondence program is self-paced so you can study within the comfort of your home. 

Along with the correspondence program is the 64 hour/7-day classroom and field training program.  The 7-day home inspection classroom and field training program combine easy to understand educational materials, hands on laboratory models, classroom instruction presentations, and field inspection experiences where you can apply what you have learned in the classroom and correspondence course.

Upcoming Classes:  


February 9th-11th - in Arlington, TX  - Weekend (24 Hour) Classroom Course 

February 17th & 18th in Arlington, TX  - (20 Hours) Field Training Course 

February 24th & 25th in Arlington, TX  - (20 Hours) Field Training Course


February 24th - March 3rd, 2018 in Arlington, TX  - 7 Day Classroom Course 

Course Syllabus: 7 Day – 64 hour Classroom and Actual In-Field Property Inspection Training

One Field Inspections per Day 
Practical Property Inspection Experiences = 40 hours of field training

 Introduction to home inspections

Structure – Basic Components

Roofing and Roof Structure


Heating Systems

Cooling Systems



Report Writing

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